The ambition of the INTELEC Symposium is to provide an energy platform for users, industry and science, who are actively involved in Telecommunications and Data communication. This symposium wants to present a valuable contribution to promote management and development in the energy work field and to stimulate innovation within the platform through mutual sharing of knowledge and development.


The eighth Telecommunications Energy Symposium 2021 is focused on the continuity of energy supply for telecommunications and information technology, with special attention for the topics:

  • Storage of energy (batteries to ensure the continuity of energy systems),
  • Energy generation (e.g. fuel cells, wind and solar energy),
  • Energy Conversion (like DC-DC and DC-AC converters),
  • Distribution of direct current at a higher voltage level than the usual 48 V in current energy supply architecture,
  • Sustainability / Green Energy.

The Symposium is especially important for companies and institutes engaged in research, development, installation, management and maintenance of energy supply systems by and for the work field.
The previous symposia were well attended by the target group and especially by representatives of the national operators.

Profiling Your Company

There are two options or a combination thereof with which your company can profile itself at the Symposium: by sponsoring the Symposium and/or by giving a commercial company presentation for a specific fee.


The options for a sponsorship are mentioned in document Sponsor Options INTELEC95 Symposium 2021. You can download this document by clicking on the link below.

Sponsor Options INTELEC95 Symposium 2021

Sponsorship of either the dinner, or lunch and coffee breaks are some possibilities. Other forms of sponsorship are negotiable.

The sooner you sign up for the sponsorship, the sooner your company logo will be included in the publications of this Symposium (newsletters, website).

A floor plan of the exhibition space can be found on the Location page.

Companies that have previously sponsored


Our sponsors will support the technical program with an industrial exhibition showing the latest developments in the field of energy storage, energy converters and the design of infrastructure integration. Industrial sectors confronted with the challenges of designing and operating high quality ICT and other energy technical infrastructures will find here a large and useful source of technical knowledge and product information. It is also a good opportunity to have discussions with technical representatives of various companies.


For more information or questions about sponsorship and/or commercial presentations, you can contact via info@intelec95.org.

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