Symposium 2013

INTELEC95 Energy Symposium 2013

Gasthuiskapel, Zaltbommel

After the 33rd international INTELEC conference 2011 held in Amsterdam, the organizers of this event joined their forces and developed the plan to organise a similar energy conference on a national level. At that time there was already an INTELEC95 Foundation that was established after the successful 17th international INTELEC conference held in The Hague in 1995. The event was called INTELEC95 Energy Symposium and was organized for the first time in Zaltbommel in 2013. The venue was then chosen for the Gasthuiskapel which formed a welcoming and atmospheric environment for this first symposium. Soon the symposium had to move to a larger location due to the growth of the number of participants and the growth of the exhibition.


Peter Notten
3D integrated all-solid-state batteries

Leendert Lam
Innovatieve ontwikkeling stationaire batterijen

Loreto Mateu
Power Management for Energy Harvesting

George Tiemstra
Cloud computing vs Sustainability; de uitdaging

Stan Valtchev
HV DC as the Next Generation Telecom Power Supply

Johan Paulides
Permanent magnet machines: Critical or crucial

Tjerk Hazeveld
Waarom kiezen voor een dynamische in plaats van een statische noodstroom voorziening?

Leender Lam
Hybride systemen

Pavol Bauer
Green energy for on-road charging of electric vehicles