Some of our partners and participants have strict travel and meeting restrictions due to the Corona outbreak, and more partners are likely to follow.

Therefore, the INTELEC95 board has decided to cancel the INTELEC95 Energy Symposium 2020.

INTELEC95 Symposium


The symposium generally focuses on three fundamental fields of activity: power electronics, energy storage and intelligent distribution networks.
These activities in turn shape the base on which the continuity in energy supply is based. Sustainability and the ability to quickly recover after a calamity are important incentives.

Target audience

The Symposium is especially important for companies and institutes engaged in research, development, installation, management and maintenance of energy supply systems by and for the subject area.


Companies are given the opportunity to profile and promote themselves at the event by sponsoring the symposium. There are different possibilities to sponsor the INTELEC95 Symposium 2021. It is possible to sign-up as a Platinum Sponsor, a Golden Sponsor or a Silver Sponsor. 
More information about sponsoring the symposium can be found on the page Sponsoring.
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Attention is mainly paid to:

  • Storage of energy (such as batteries, supercapacitors and fly wheels, which form the heart of the continuity management within the power supply),
  • Energy generation (such as fuel cells, wind and solar energy),
  • Energy conversion (such as DC-DC converters, DC-AC converters),
  • Distribution of direct current and alternating current at a higher level than usual, energy supply architecture and the available hard- and software,
  • Energy network structures and architectures, in particular Smart Grids,
  • Sustainability, green energy, hydrogen, energy management.

The topics space conditioning, electrical safety, Electric Magnetic Compatibility (EMC), grounding and lightning protection, electromagnetic pulse (EMP), are directly linked.

More topics in the broad sense that also fall under the scope of the symposium can be found on the page about the Foundation.


There is room for a table-top style industrial exhibition for sponsors. Whether speakers, exhibitors or visitors: the leaders in these fields meet in a fantastic environment with excellent networking opportunities.


The energy landscape will change dramatically in the coming years. The energy transition will result in a rapidly growing part of renewable energy. As a result, our energy system is changing from demand to supply, and that supply is no longer predictable and constant.

Sustainable and decentralized energy generation requires more and more attention, for example in the form of solar panels and wind farms. Energy storage on a large scale is inseparably linked to this ambition.

The more Smart Grids are introduced, the more important the layout of the electricity network will become. Here too, energy storage forms an important element within this theme. Storage of electrical energy requires conversion, which means that a part of the energy is lost.

A discussion has started within INTELEC about the direction in which energy generation, energy distribution and energy consumption will develop. Examples are energy storage, hydrogen, heat networks and electric vehicles and transport.

This year INTELEC wants to place the themes within this discussion about the energy transition. Also during previous symposia, the classic INTELEC themes have been developed in this direction.

On the basis of the programme it becomes clear which topics these are and a choice can be made.

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