INTELEC95 Symposium 2020

After the opening the day will start with a plenary session in the Jungle Pavilion of Ouwehands Dierenpark.
After the lunch, the program will be split into two parallel sessions A and B.
Details about the program will follow soon.
The event ends with a network drink and a dinner at the same location.


The following speakers have now agreed to participate in the symposium:

A complete list of speakers will soon be available and a final programme is expected to be presented soon.


New at this symposium are two interactive Masterclassses which are available to all participants at no extra cost.
Almost every participant in our symposium has something to do with DC systems. Industry, science and politics are now heavily investing in direct current in addition to the AC single and three-phase power systems we are familiar with.
Specialists have already presented their knowledge and forecasts at our symposium. Because of suggestions of participants of our symposia, we have decided to set up a masterclass in Direct Current (DC) systems and have it presented by Peter van Duijsen.

A second master class on batteries is in preparation. The theme is "How many minutes autonomy should we plan for?" The presentation subject matter explores the history, the present and future requirements and the paranoia of data centre UPS autonomy. In particular we will explore partial load versus autonomy time (Pukerts Factor).
The moderator of this Masterclass is Ian Bitterlin.

This interactive masterclasses are accessible to everyone regardless their previous education and experience and will have something to offer for everyone. It is an excellent opportunity to develop your knowledge and bring it to a new level.
This masterclasses will be held at the end of the afternoon. Registration is not necessary. There are also no extra costs for attending the masterclass. The detailed topics will be published later on this website.

Poster Presentation

This year, during the INTELEC95 Energy Symposium 2020, students and PhD students will have the opportunity to present their work via posters. In this way they can share their experiences with speakers, exhibitors and visitors of the symposium. The posters will be visible to all participants throughout the symposium. Every bachelor student, master student or doctoral student who thinks his or her research is interesting to present with a poster can participate in this session.
The best poster will be reviewed by a jury and rewarded with a prize.
Students who present a poster can participate free of charge in the day programme (including lunch and drinks) of the symposium (see further Registration). Registration is done by submitting an abstract to
At least the following information must be provided: a (working) title and a short summary of the content.
The poster and summary will be mentioned on the website. Deadline for application is Sunday 29 March 2020. For questions:

Program schedule

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