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INTELEC2011 – NEWSLETTER – March 2011
Registration is open now!
Don't miss the opportunity to register on-line as early as possible since tutorials, tours and some social functions are restricted to a limited number of participants. Bookings will be made on a first-come first-served basis.
Early Registration Fee ends at July 31, 2011.
This also applies to hotel reservations. The number of rooms for conference participants with special rates is limited. Click here for on-line registration.
Early Hotel Registration ends at July 31, 2011.
Find it out on our web site www.intelec2011.org.

Few sponsor packages still available
Not that long to go, when we will meet you at the Amsterdam INTELEC. All is going well so far. Especially when we consider the opportunities offered to our sponsors. Most packages are sold now which really pleases us. Nevertheless a few items are still available and look profitable.

For those companies that feel that they can reach many potential customers in Amsterdam and want to have their name exposed, this might be of great interest. Items like advertisements, social programs, conference bags, meals, congress kits, etc. are still available!
Visit our web site page for more information or download the Sponsoring & Exhibition Brochure for more information and sponsoring possibilities

Got ideas, want to know more ? Or maybe you have your own ideas. Sounds good. Don’t know if we can fulfil those but we certainly will try.
Contact us via: intelec2011-exh@mci-group.com.

More than 438 square meters of available exhibition space is now occupied. This is 67% of the available space. Thirty companies have been contracted. Our web site shows an overview  of these registered companies.
The conference has an international reputation. For your company this is a special marketing opportunity to expand your market.


Abstract submission May 1, 2011
Acceptance Notification June 5, 2011
Manuscript submission and Author Registration July 31, 2011
Early Registration Fee ends at July 31, 2011
Early Hotel Registration ends at July 31, 2011

Technical Program

Call for papers
The Organizing and Scientific Committee is calling on authors to submit abstracts for consideration and inclusion in the Congress program. All abstracts will be reviewed by international experts.
More information on Technical Program, Call for Papers and submission of proposals click here.
Note that the submission deadline for abstract is May 1, 2011!

Special Sessions and Workshops
In parallel to the regular conference sessions we introduce workshops and special sessions. In the next Newsletters we will inform you about these activities.

DC power grids for professional buildings have an industry shaping potential by offering more energy efficient building infrastructure systems. The European Community is asking for these innovations that support more sustainable use of energy formulated as “20-20-20” targets. An increasing amount of electricity in modern buildings is controlled with modern power electronic technologies. Data centers, green office and retail buildings process up to 90% of their total energy consumption already today with appliances that operate internally with DC supply voltages. Application examples are speed controlled drives in heat pumps of geothermal heating and cooling, drives in ventilation, refrigeration and freezing units, lighting and photovoltaic electricity generation.
System cost reduction as well as efficiency improvements are expected by a transition from application integrated low power single-phase mains rectifiers and power factor correction circuits (P < 1 kW) to central 3-phase rectifiers and DC bus controllers. Already the increase of voltages levels from 100 V…240 V AC to e.g. 380 V DC offers higher efficiency simply due to lower currents. 380 V DC is a proposed voltage level by the partners of the EMerge Alliance industry consortium.
Data centers can benefit most from DC power grids since these professional buildings have the highest installation density of single-phase rectifiers. Second, batteries of uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) operate with DC too. Thus it is attractive to discuss the opportunity and technical aspects of DC power grids for the application in data centers. Today’s AC electricity distribution is a result of a historic development. The selection of AC electricity distribution was a logic decision due to the features of magnetic power transformers a century ago. But today’s power electronic technology offer many additional features to distribute and control the efficient use of electricity in buildings.

Thus the INTELEC conference invites presentations on DC power grid technologies and their features in professional buildings. The application in data centers is preferred but it is not limited to that. All presentations shall stimulate the discussion weather DC power grids can outperform state of the art AC power distribution in buildings to support the global challenge of more energy efficient sustainable buildings. Read more…

If you want to join this special session as a speaker, please contact Dr. Ulrich Boeke, Philips Research (ulrich.boeke@philips.com) or MCI.

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