INTELEC95 Symposium 2019
Tuesday April 16th 2019
in the Ouwehands Zoo in Rhenen

After organizing six succesfull symposia the INTELEC95 Foundation is preparing its seventh symposium. This event will take place on Tuesday 16th of April in 2019. This year’s theme is:

Energy storage is indispensable for an energy transition

Also next year we will organize this symposium in the Jungle Pavilion at the 'Ouwehands Dierenpark' of Rhenen. A modern zoo that is the first in the Netherlands to have the popular panda bears which we will pay a visit in a tour during lunch.

INTELEC© (International Telecommunications Energy Conference) is an international organization offering conferences and workshops to emphasize the numerous developments and innovations of modern energy technology.
Each year, users, engineers and managers in the telecommunication industry and science are brought together to increase their expertise offered by this technology. The INTELEC95 Foundation organizes the Energy Symposium with the same goals, but on a national level.

Save the date and take part in this unique symposium with inspiring lectures of renowned speakers from users, industry and science.


The symposium generally focuses on three fundamental fields of activity: power electronics, energy storage and intelligent distribution networks.
These activities in turn shape the base on which the continuity in energy supply for telecommunication and information technology is based. Sustainability and the ability to quickly recover after a calamity are important incentives.

  • Storage of energy (such as batteries, supercapacitors and fly wheels, which form the heart of the continuity management within the power supply),
  • Energy generation (such as fuel cells, wind and solar energy),
  • Energy conversion (such as DC-DC converters, DC-AC converters),
  • Distribution of direct current and alternating current at a higher level than usual, energy supply architecture and the available hard- and software,
  • Energy network structures and architectures, in particular Smart Grids,
  • Sustainability, green energy, energy management.

The topics space conditioning, electrical safety, Electric Magnetic Compatibility (EMC), grounding and lightning protection, electromagnetic pulse (EMP), are directly linked.

More topics in the broad sense that also fall under the scope of the symposium can be found under the scope on the page about the Foundation.

Feedback INTELEC©

During the symposium feedback will be given on the most important developments and innovations that were presented at the last International Telecommunications Energy Conference in Torino, Italy.

Target audience

The Symposium is especially important for companies and institutes engaged in research, development, installation, management and maintenance of energy supply systems by and for the subject area.


Companies are given the opportunity to profile and promote themselves at the event by sponsoring the symposium. There are different possibilities to sponsor the INTELEC95 Symposium 2019. It is possible to sign-up as a Platinum Sponsor, a Golden Sponsor or a Silver Sponsor.  More information about sponsoring the symposium can be found on the page Sponsoring.

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