>The foundation wants to present a valuable contribution to promote management and development in the energy work field and to stimulate innovation within the platform through mutual sharing of knowledge and development.



The symposium generally focuses on three fundamental fields of activity: power electronics, energy storage and intelligent distribution networks.
These activities in turn shape the base on which the continuity in energy supply for telecommunication and information technology is based. Sustainability and the ability to quickly recover after a calamity are important incentives.

The topics space conditioning, electrical safety, Electric Magnetic Compatibility (EMC), grounding and lightning protection, electromagnetic pulse (EMP), are directly linked.



The Stichting INTELEC95 was founded in 1990 by a number of enthusiastic Dutch visitors of the International Telecommunications Energy Conference (INTELEC) in Stockholm (1978) and organized its first international conference in the subject field of energy for telecommunication in The Hague in 1995. It was a great success.
Not so long ago, the foundation organized once more a successful international conference INTELEC2011 at the Amsterdam Passengers Terminal.



The foundation wants to achieve her goal by organizing and supporting conferences and symposia and providing feedback on important developments and innovations that are presented at the annual international IEEE INTELEC© conferences. Therefore the foundation invites leading national and international speakers who have showed their competence and talents, academics, representatives from the industry and operators from telecommunication and data communication meet each other in an open, relaxed and stimulating atmosphere in order to discuss the latest developments and trends and exchange ideas and experiences.



Board members

Dick Vleeskruijer, Chairman
Ron Ottenhoff, Treasurer
Ben Klaassens

Program Committee

Peter van Duijsen
Johan Woudstra



IEEE INTELEC© (International Telecommunications Energy Conference) is an international organization that brings the worldwide attention to numerous developments and innovations of modern energy technology by organizing conferences and workshops. In this way, users, technicians and managers of the telecommunication operators, industry and science are brought together each year and a broader focus on this technology is offered.




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